SPIRIT ART consultation

Art meets ”Spirit”

Get your energy created as an image and have it interpreted.

When you book a Spirit Art consultation, you send me a word that is strong for you

I then create and draw the image in a digital program, focusing on you.

It is sent as a jpeg file or pdf. It is possible for you to print it in up to almost 40x40 cm if you so wish!

I write the interpretation to you based on symbols, colors, subtle signs and information from channeled Sources.

It comes written as a pdf file to you

As an extra bonus, you get the opportunity to write to me and ask 5 questions about the interpretation!

/ Monica

A Spirit Art consultancy costs SEK 1,050

The delivery time is between 3-7 days


What is a Spirit Art image?

A Spirit Art image for me is when shapes and colors can have their own language. It can be expressed as symbols, abstract shapes and images.

Each image comes from my soul and spirit, like a flow of information and frequencies that may seem to come from another dimension of energy, and which is in contact with my innermost depths.

An image can be viewed differently from person to person. What you see and feel one moment from a picture can quickly change the next! It's about where you are at the moment. Which frequency or vibrations or vibrations you emit and attract

Since EVERYTHING is frequencies that vibrate, even an image can make you feel and feel different.

An awareness of this can give you a lot of information about yourself. Insights can help you consciously heal what needs to be healed.

As your energy flows more without stopping and hindering, a sense of lightness can seep into the depths of your innermost being.

Spirit Art images..