The Card deck

Re Member - Remember Again ..

The name of the deck was created to help us remember what Light beings we are!

That if we take our time, listen inwardly to our intuition, we will find many answers about our own pure, bright truth.


Using symbolic language has fascinated me at an early age. There is some form of energy and magic that appeals to and "calls" to my attention.

To see "behind" the image, the symbol, the color ...

What does it say? What information does it send out?

What miracles are there if you are willing to open up to them!

The size of the card deck is 63 x 88 mm

Because there are many cards, 108 pieces, it is "thicker" than a regular deck of cards. about 38 mm high.

Let the energy from the cards show the "way"

"Remember who you are"

Bonus; A digital flippbook "Inspiration for more of You, Your imagination and Intuition" on 46 pages with inspiration about each card, is sent to you when buying a deck of cards. FREE!  (Only in swedish)


The price of the deck is SEK 359

Traceable shipping will be added

Payment can be made on a secure payment link, Zettle by PayPal, which is sent to you when booking a deck of cards from us.

Payment is always made in advance!


Get inspiration when you need it ..

Only in swedish for now

Listening to THIS DAY's short videos can give you inspiration, energy, a calm or a reminder of something, to remember .. Videos are not related to any particular date or day and this is so that you can intuitively choose a number spontaneously without any "frame" THIS DAY is about 5 minutes Use your intuition and trust it! Even if you listen to a video on different occasions, it will probably be experienced differently, depending on how you receive and receive information on that particular day! If you want to listen to several on the same day, go for it!

Happy customers

"I have used your nice cards every day. I love the pictures and that I listen to myself and interpret what my soul wants to say. Helps me listen inwards. Usually takes 3 pieces that often form a series that fits together. If I put the pictures in different ways, new messages and insights will come. Absolutely magical and fantastic. So glad I found these "

Thank you precious.

Gunilla Bengtson

"Hi Monica ♥ ️

 Gets happy and warm from using these cards, the warm bright energies make them bring out the light even if it is anxious and dark energies, then the cards light up these. See that the cards light up warmth and love"