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Your "Intuitive Side"


get access to your inner resources!

 ”A golden arrow shows me the way.    It has magical symbols inscribed in it which helps the direction of travel.    It shows the way about the Truth and the love of Life.    It is easily pushed through the wall of illusion, for only true energy can pass through.  It is so bright, so sharp, so powerful.   I load the bow and fasten the arrow ...”


Monica is like a "door opener" in the conversation, but you have to push the handle down and open the door yourself!

One of the most important doors in life, is the one that leads to your HEART ..

The fact that you yourself are actively involved in the session makes you more aware of your blockages and can help you take the next step.

When insights strike your heart and intuition, processes of change will be set in motion


Momento Vitae - Remember Life ..

There is a lot of information in our DNA. Everything from how the body is built, layers of emotions and events ..

Every little particle that gives life to man contains information

Intuition is information without "obstacles of own analyzes"


The Card deck


This deck of cards is designed by Monica and can be used for guidance, inspiration, in therapy, playfulness, imagination and to train your intuition.

Each card is unique with symbols, colors, lines and even "invisible features".

The deck contains 108 unique cards. 108 is also a speech that is linked to the magic of life.

You see and experience exactly what you feel when you look at the card, it can be the picture or the word ...

Your intuition awakens to life, words, emotions, image fragments can come to you. Aha experiences are connected with your inner knowledge and release energy. Can be absolutely magical!

The numbers 1, 0 and 8 represent

One thing, Nothing and Everything

So 108 stands for all these in one and the same number. Unity, Emptiness and Infinity.

See and understand your inner Life

Becoming more aware of your inner Life can give you insights and resources that change the way you look at yourself

A Spirit Art consultation reflects your inner and sometimes outer energy in the form of an image with colors, shapes, symbols, lines, signs and "invisible" formations.

Interpreting the image can give you power and tell you interesting and exciting things you may not have thought existed!


Get inspiration from Monica and her readings

The Youtube channel's videos are so far only in Swedish

Your guide

With a professional career both in traditional medicine as a nurse and in wellness / alternative medicine for more than 35 years, of which 26 years as a self-employed person with her own practice, Monica has met many people with different needs for help and guidance.

Her greatest strength is the ability to see through people's energy and the desire to help people get in touch with their intuition and feel more harmony in life.

Monica's vision is to ..

"Inspire others to remember their own intuitive abilities and be a guide in spiritual development.


Customer references

”The cards that Monica has created and using for the readings are really beautiful and very meaningful.

The reading she did for me wasn't anything that I have experienced before...

I could feel energies shifting in me and I was able to download message by myself.

Monica was lovingly holding the space and supporting me during the process.

Would really recommened her readings and the way they unfold

Much love and gratitude


Dale in Estepona/Spain

”It was a reading that was really spot on and helped me find peace of mind again and solve the problem from there. I still feel both lighter and happier! "

Karin from Kungsbacka

"During the conversation with Monica and her card, she opened up my closed heart and feelings.

The first minute felt awkward. But with Monica's voice and her confidence, it felt ok.

As an adult, I cried and got all the frustration and sadness out of a conversation.

I was later able to sleep the first night in three months ..!

It may sound "fuzzy" but it really is!

Thanks Monica! "

Stefan in Stockholm