Intuitive reading / The intuitive conversation


A session is 45 minutes ( in english 60 minutes)  and is usually done by phone unless otherwise decided

Throughout the conversation, the Remember Life © card game is used to help you get in touch with your intuition.

You will receive the pictures that are sent to you continuously via SMS or in another way so that you can see them. The session can be about your work, relationships, spiritual or general for inspiration etc.

More of You

The intuitive conversation can open new doors for you. New way of looking at yourself and what opportunities you have, even within you!

Being in touch with your intuitive part is magical. It's about having confidence in what you deeply know is true for you. When you consciously listen to yourself, your soul, your answers come faster than a moment!

Your Time

To think about before the session!

Make sure you have a quiet place to be

Gather your energy a while before, for example by meditating for 5 minutes or just focusing on your breathing

If there is something special you want to talk about, bring that intention and feeling into your moment before our conversation

Have a glass of water next to you

And remember ... an open heart reflects and expresses your truth

Looking forward to meeting you and your soul


A session with guidance, "The intuitive conversation", costs SEK 800 and is 45 minutes long (60 minutes in english)

You book at

Payment can be made on a secure payment link, Zettle by PayPal, which is sent to you when booking from us.

Payment is always made before the agreed session / time